This site is intended for the submission of or inquiry regarding complaints you may have which you feel are related to IAI's various fields of activity.

Should you wish to find outabout an advertised job or submit your candidacy for work at IAI, please use the 'Contact - situations vacant' link on the company's website.

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd considers public and employee inquiries and complaints in areas related to its activities and business affairs and their conduct, as a way to strengthen the management processes within the company, strengthen its connections with the public and foster its image.

Inquiries and complaints from the public as well as from employees can be submitted to the company’s ombudsman via the company website, openly or anonymously, as preferred by the submitter, on any matter arising out of the company's activities. These can be divided into the following five categories: Ethics, General, Human Resources, Marketing and Finance.

For those wishing to submit a complaint / inquiry, please note that you may submit a complaint or inquiry as explained above, after exhausting the process of contacting the professional party involved , to the extent that the latter is related to the submitter of inquiry or complaint. On matters relating to the normal, ordinary course of business (suppliers, customer service etc), it is preferable to approach the responsible professional parties within the company directly.

Complaints and inquiries submitted via the website allow us to work to rectify deficiencies, if found, and improve the work and management processes within the company.

All submissions will be dealt with professionally and discreetly, while preserving the confidentiality of the submitter and ensuring the best protection of the submitter from harassment or adverse treatment, to the extent required, providing that the submission has been submitted in good faith.

It should be emphasized that complaints / enquiries of an offensive, slanderous or personal account- settling character will not be processed by the ombudsman but will be forwarded to the relevant parties.

Any complaint / inquiry which is submitted openly will entitle the submitter to receive a response from the ombudsman concerning the findings of the examination.

Yours truly,
The Ombudsman
Internal Auditor's Office
Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd